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CS Energy Employee Profile: Andrew Broadbent

Andrew Broadbent on working in CS Energy’s Future Energy division 

Andrew joined CS Energy in 2016 and has since worked in a range of finance and strategy roles throughout the business.  

The Senior Strategy Analyst is excited to be moving into the Future Energy division on a six-month secondment to support CS Energy’s pipeline of future energy initiatives. It’s a natural progression for Andrew after his most recent role was analysing the impact of energy market and policy trends on the business.  

When asked about what he’s most looking forward to in the new role, Andrew says, “there’s a lot of activity across the division and I’m keen to be an extra pair of hands and putting the company’s Strategic Priority to ‘Deliver Future Energy’ into action. 

“I’m also excited to leverage the strategic experience from my previous role to help engage and excite our people about CS Energy’s journey in becoming a diversified energy business.” 

Andrew will be progressing current and emerging business opportunities and working closely with the Policy and Regulation team to assist with CS Energy’s responses to various submissions as the policy framework evolves with the energy transition. 

He says he looks forward to deepening his knowledge about, and keep on top of changes happening in, the energy landscape, particularly as the momentum and pace of the energy transition gains pace. 

When talking about the impact of market trends he says, “there is so much activity occurring in the energy landscape, which has a broad scope and is incredibly interrelated. The traditional energy value chain of generation ️to transmission to retailing has become scrambled as the energy transition continues to unfold. 

“For example, the rapid uptake of rooftop solar has given rise to the ‘Prosumer’ where customers are both a producer and consumer of energy, increasing customer engagement in their energy procurement while creating a two-way flow of electrons. Therefore, anticipating or predicting what could have the biggest impact is challenging as the pace that technology is deployed directly relates to how fast costs decline.” 

Andrew says what he finds most interesting about the energy sector is how despite the fact that energy is an essential service, not everyone inherently understands the complexity and processes behind being able to turn on a light switch at home.  

Learn more about how CS Energy is responding to Australia’s energy transformation:  

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CS Energy Employee Profile: Stephen Hoult

Charged up for the future: Affordability and choice will accelerate the energy shift

CS Energy’s Principal Consultant Commercial & Future Energy, Stephen Hoult, discusses how renewable energy solutions are supporting lower power prices for consumers and creating increased choice into the future.

The speed with which the world is transitioning to cleaner energy has surprised even industry experts like Stephen Hoult.

New technologies, such as electric vehicles, are growing in popularity, and as affordability and choice improves, individual consumers and corporates are shifting gear to an electric future, Stephen says.

“More and more organisations are dipping their toes in the water to become familiar with electric vehicle (EV) technology.

“Government fleet customers, in particular, have been early adopters when it comes to adding  EVs to their fleets, facilitating investment in both vehicles and infrastructure throughout their portfolios including at TAFEs and hospitals.

“As EVs become more affordable and the range of vehicles increases, the transition will gain pace both at the consumer and corporate levels.”

Stephen with CS Energy’s EV Hyundai Kona.
Stephen with CS Energy’s EV Hyundai Kona.

CS Energy offers EV charging infrastructure for large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland. The move into EV charging is part of CS Energy’s strategy to become a diversified energy company, with renewable energy offtakes and a green hydrogen demonstration project part of its shift to customer-focused energy solutions.

Stephen has been part of the CS Energy team for more than 10 years, working in energy trading, policy, and regulatory leadership roles before joining the Future Energy team.

“I have always had a strong interest in everything to do with the electricity industry and power generation, and CS Energy is the perfect place to work because it has generation assets, projects, and a stimulating work environment.”

Stephen sees the role of Future Energy as key to Queensland transitioning to a more sustainable future, while still providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy for today’s consumers.

“Customers are increasingly wanting renewable energy sources included in the electricity supply products we offer. Modern energy providers must be innovative and nimble to design and tailor products that suit these customer requirements.

“It’s exciting that the company is investing in these progressive, future-looking projects and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Learn more about CS Energy’s renewable energy offerings to customers here or follow CS Energy on LinkedIn

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CS Energy Employee Profile: Brooks Mustey

Creating energy solutions for every business challenge


As Head of Future Energy at CS Energy, Brooks Mustey understands that every business has unique energy requirements.

“More and more large energy users are wanting to decarbonise their operations,” Brooks said. “But they are often trying to achieve this against a backdrop of challenges specific to their business.”

Brooks Mustey profile picture
Head of Future Energy Brooks Mustey at Kennedy Energy Park in Far North Queensland. CS Energy has an offtake agreement for 100 per cent of the output of the 60 MW hybrid renewable project.

With a background in procurement and experience across multiple industry sectors, Brooks thrives on problem-solving in a commercial environment.

“My focus is always to seek to understand first, and then develop a solution. Ultimately, we want to empower businesses to better manage their energy needs.”

Brooks joined CS Energy in 2019 after working in the resources, raw materials and energy sectors.



“CS Energy is a company in the midst of a transformation and this really appealed to me. Leveraging our existing operations and workforce while at the same time creating pathways to new products, assets, partnerships and technology to become a future-focused diversified energy business is really inspiring.”

In the last two years CS Energy has significantly grown its share of the large commercial and industrial retail market, and has invested in renewable energy offtakes, electric vehicle charging and renewable hydrogen.

“The pace of change in the past decade has been extraordinary, and it is really being driven by the community and by energy customers demanding energy that is not only reliable and affordable, but sustainable,” Brooks said.

“Our Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Project is a great example of this, where we are investing and partnering for the long-term in renewable energy sources to power our economy into the next century and beyond. We’re also exploring the potential of utility-scale batteries.

“It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this shift and to be part of a team that is genuinely focused on pursuing creative solutions.”

Brooks said a key priority as CS Energy transforms is upskilling its employees and building partnerships with specialist businesses and local communities. One example of this is the hydrogen skills mapping partnership with Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise.

“There is a great appetite for change, and CS Energy is taking a leading role as a Queensland Government owned business.”

Follow CS Energy on LinkedIn to learn more.

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CS Energy Employee Profile – Yatra Forudi

Navigating an industry transformation with a clear strategy

CS Energy’s Head of Strategy and Planning Yatra Forudi is optimistic about the future, and the role that young people keen to work in the industry will play in responding to the challenges of climate change and a decarbonised global economy.

Yatra’s role in Strategy and Planning involves understanding where energy markets are headed and determining CS Energy’s strategic response to those fast-paced changes. Yatra believes that for young people considering their career options, the sector provides enormous opportunity to drive meaningful change towards a cleaner future.

“Utilities in the 2020s and beyond will be a fast-paced sector, as the energy sector decarbonises, led by customer requirements and digital advancement. A career in utilities provides the unique opportunity to experience this transformation first-hand and play a part in it, regardless of whether your role is technical, field or office-based ,” Yatra said.

Industry Transformation

Yatra admits people are often surprised when they hear about the innovation that companies like CS Energy are driving , and how advanced the sector is on its decarbonisation journey.

“Utilities, including companies like CS Energy, are innovating every day to provide essential services in a rapidly changing energy landscape. While I was familiar with this change, what surprised me was the fast pace at which utilities are continually adapting their day-to-day energy dispatch, maintenance and financial decisions in the face of a changing energy grid.”

“For those considering a career in the utilities sector, I would encourage them to think about where the sector is right now and importantly, where it is going to be in the next few years and beyond, and to become familiar with the many different pathways that can give you the flexibility to progress with the industry’s transition.”

Yatra is optimistic about the role CS Energy is playing in supporting the Queensland Government to transition towards a low carbon future.

“CS Energy has helped facilitate renewable energy development in Queensland through offtake agreements and we work to continuously improve our environmental management practices. We’re also an active member of our local communities, providing sponsorship to not-for-profits and support measures during COVID-19. ”

“CS Energy is committed to the Queensland Government’s energy transformation objectives, and I am excited to be part of this journey towards a more sustainable Queensland”.

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Fast five questions with CSE undergraduate Rani Stephensen

Every year we welcome engineering students from local universities into the CS Energy summer undergraduate program.

Rani Stephensen was one of the successful candidates. Rani is studying a double degree in electrical engineering and business management and is interested in renewable energy and the innovations emerging in response to changing energy demands and community expectations.

We asked Rani some questions about her time in CS Energy’s summer undergraduate program and here’s what she said.

CSE undergraduate Rani Stephensen
CSE undergraduate Rani Stephensen

What most interested you about the CS Energy vacation program?

I have always had a keen interest in energy and the sector more broadly. With the current transition to renewables, I think energy is one of the most interesting fields to work in. It’s such an exciting time to see the new innovations and technologies being developed to respond to changing energy demands worldwide.

I embraced the opportunity to gain industry knowledge at CS Energy and work with such a skilled, knowledgeable team. 

What have been some of the highlights since starting the program?

A key highlight was visiting Sulzer to see the electric feed pump motor testing. During our visit we were given a tour of the facilities and shown how they manufacture their motors.

In February we also visited Kogan Creek Power Station for a site tour. This was invaluable and really helped solidify everything I had worked on during the program.

I have also loved working with the team at CS Energy. I got to work with experts across a variety of fields who were all keen to help me in any way possible. I have been introduced to so many different ideas and experiences which I never would have seen otherwise.

How did you hear about the program?

I was fortunate enough to have the QUT Leaning Potential Fund Scholarship with CS Energy in 2019. This meant I had a strong connection with the company when the opportunity arose.

What inspired you to choose a career in engineering?

I’ve always had an interest in maths and look for any opportunity to learn and develop new skills. I also knew I liked being hands on and wanted to pursue a career that complemented this.

It wasn’t until I participated in my local university’s engineering programs in high school that I discovered my love for engineering and knew I had found my true passion.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years’, I will have successfully completed my double degree in electrical engineering and business management.

I want to be working in industry on a range of projects, progressing my career and building on everything I learnt at university and my undergraduate placements.

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Fast five questions with CSE undergraduate Yousif Al-Patti

Every year we welcome engineering students from local universities into the CS Energy summer undergraduate program.

Yousif Al-Patti was one of the successful candidates. Yousif is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software Engineering) and Master of Engineering at UQ.

We asked Yousif some questions about his time in CS Energy’s summer undergraduate program and here’s what he said.

CSE undergraduate Yousif Al-Patti

What most interested you about the CS Energy summer undergraduate program?
The thing that interested me most about the CS Energy program was the ability to engage and work with different teams in multiple departments, while receiving the help and support from the team so I could achieve my desired learning outcomes.

What have been some of the highlights since starting the program?
I’ve really loved experiencing how the program explores a wide range of technologies and services that we as graduates get exposure to every day. It’s so valuable to interact with services that help shape the company’s infrastructure. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about the underlying mechanics of the company, from power generation to data analysis.

How did you hear about the program?
I was introduced to the program by Career Seekers, an organisation that helps students from refugee backgrounds to kick-start their career.

What inspired you to choose a career in engineering?
Engineering is a field that puts no limit to learning and development. I am someone who is committed to always learning and enhancing my skills, so I thought it would be the ideal career path for me. When working in engineering, you’re constantly introduced to challenges that require lateral, creative thinking, which is something I have always been passionate about and wanted to hone my skills further.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself using the skills and technical knowledge that I have gained from the CS Energy vacation program in a role involving data analysis and software development, and applying these systems to achieve business goals.

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Fast five questions with CSE undergraduate Qasim Khan Baba

Every year we welcome engineering students from local universities into the CS Energy summer undergraduate program.

Qasim Khan Baba was one of five successful applicants to this year’s cohort. This is what Qasim had to say about his time in the program.

Qasim Khan Baba  - CSE Undergraduate
Qasim Khan Baba – CSE Undergraduate

What most interested you about the CS Energy summer undergraduate program

Coming from Afghanistan where we didn’t have electricity at all until recently, and even now only few nights per week, I find it very rewarding to work in a Queensland company that provides a huge section of the state’s power.

I was also curious to learn how a power generator company operates and how software engineers contribute to CS Energy and utility companies in general.

What have been some of the highlights since starting the program?

The main highlight has been the first-hand experience that comes with being in a professional environment and in a field that I want to pursue a career in.

It’s been invaluable seeing how everything that I have learned at university is being applied to real applications that impact real lives and people in Queensland. This has really helped me to appreciate my education more and has inspired me to strive to continually learn more and really apply myself in my degree.

 How did you hear about the program?

I heard about the CS Energy program through Career Seekers, which is an organisation that helps students from refugee backgrounds to kick-start their career.

What inspired you to choose a career in engineering?

Coming from a country that has been at war for many decades now and seeing how technology has not only changed lives in developed countries but also countries like mine, was the reason I decided to major in software engineering at university. Software engineering is a field that already has and will continue to revolutionise our lives – from the health sector to transportation and to power generation.

People in less fortunate places have also benefited from the contributions of this field due to its fast delivery and easier accessibility.

All these factors made me want to be a part of this positive change by contributing my knowledge and expertise.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I want to be working as a software engineer in a role that is equally enjoyable and challenging, a job where I am continually growing my skills and learning every day.

I would also love a job where I contribute to the company in other areas such as cyber security, AI or the Cloud.

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Fast five questions with CSE undergraduate Majella Cassidy

We recently welcomed five undergraduate engineers into CS Energy as part of our summer undergraduate program.

Majella Cassidy has been in the program since 2019 so we asked her some questions about her experience. Here’s what she shared.

CSE undergraduate Majella Cassidy

What most interested you about the CS Energy vacation program?

I’m a naturally curious person and I love solving problems! When researching graduate programs, I was excited to see what CS Energy was doing in the energy generation space and how they were navigating the constantly changing energy market and transition to renewables. I knew there would be opportunities to hone my problem solving and analytical skills in a professional setting rather than in the classroom.

What have been some of the highlights since starting the program?

I’ve had great exposure working in different teams on a variety of multi-disciplinary projects. This has allowed me to get a real taste of all that CS Energy has to offer and deepen my understanding of CS’s power stations.

There have been many ‘lightbulb moments’ where things just click and I understand a specific process or part of a plant clearly. Nothing beats that feeling.

The best part has undoubtedly been putting the theory we learn at uni into practical use. It’s great because it helps me stay motivated throughout the semester, knowing that I’ll be able to implement the theory I’m learning to solve real world problems.

How did you hear about the program?

I’m an API (Australian Power Institute) bursary holder and was given the opportunity through them to interview for the position at CS Energy. I’m so grateful to have grown my skills significantly in this program and to work with some of the most experienced and passionate engineers in this field.

What inspired you to choose a career in engineering?

Put simply, it’s because energy generation is an essential service that our lives almost completely rely on. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left high school, all I knew was I loved maths so people recommended giving engineering a go. And I’m so glad I did!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

To be honest, I don’t exactly know. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I want to do a graduate program as a mechanical engineer. All I hope is for a fulfilling and challenging career where I can put my passion of problem solving to good use (and maybe a border collie somewhere in the mix!).

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CS Energy to defend corporate-backed class action

20 JAN 2021

CS Energy will defend a class action lodged by a law firm and funded by corporate backers.

CS Energy Chief Executive Officer Andrew Bills said CS Energy rejected the claims being made and said the company operated in strict accordance with, and took very seriously, its obligations with all rules and regulations in the National Electricity Market.

“CS Energy is strongly committed to complying with all market rules and regulations and we’ve dedicated substantial resources to ensuring we meet our obligations,” Mr Bills said.

“Our bidding activity is regulated under the National Electricity Law and the National Electricity Rules by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

“We have one of the most highly regulated and competitive electricity markets in the world, with prices set every five minutes.”

The AER investigates and publicly reports on the causes of all high-price events in the wholesale electricity market.

Previous investigations have found high wholesale prices to be due to a wide range of influencing factors, including extreme weather fluctuations.

Queenslanders should question who will benefit from a claim like this – is it Queenslanders or a corporate litigation funder whose main interest is making a return on their investment in class actions?

As a Queensland-based and publicly owned Queensland business, the proposed class action is pursuing the revenues that we return to the state which are used to fund important services for all Queenslanders.

Mr Bills said CS Energy owned two of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in the country, providing affordable and reliable baseload power to millions of Queensland businesses and residents.

“We have a proud track record of delivering increased competition and savings for electricity consumers in South East Queensland through our joint venture with Alinta Energy, as reported by the Australian Energy Market Commission.”

Publicly available data shows that Queensland has had the lowest average wholesale electricity prices in the National Electricity Market for the past three years.

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Making our customers a priority

Earlier this month we published our annual Energy Charter Disclosure report, which outlines the work we’ve been doing to ensure we are as consumer-centric as possible, in line with the Australian Energy Charter.

This business-led charter, which counts 19 Australian energy companies as members, guides our progress toward becoming a more community and consumer-focused business, and this year’s report outlines steps we’ve taken to better understand our customers’ needs. We are proud to have either delivered on, or made progress against all areas of improvement we identified in our 2019 report.

We measured this by conducting our first independent customer survey and we’re already taking steps to give our customers the innovative energy solutions they’re asking for, such as electric vehicle charging stations and improved billing and information systems.

We are proud to have doubled the number of commercial and industrial retail customers we serve across Queensland while recording our safest year on record. We are committed to continuing to safely and efficiently provide best-in-class innovation and services as we become a diversified energy company.

This is a long-term commitment for CS Energy and is being driven from our senior levels of management. We look forward to growing even closer to our customers and stakeholders in the coming years.

You can download our 2020 Energy Charter Disclosure Report. (PDF 1.5MB)