How is the energy market changing?

The Australian energy mix is changing rapidly. Three key factors are driving this significant change – renewable generation, technology innovation, and a rise in the active and involved energy customer.

While the future energy market is uncertain, CS Energy is clear about the kind of energy business we want to be: one that’s customer focused, diversified, proactive and recognised as a leader in the Australian energy market.

This is reflected in our vision – To be a leading provider of diversified energy solutions to our customers.

How are customers driving this change?

All over the world, customers are demanding greater performance from their energy providers, whether that is cost efficiency, environmental impact, reliability of energy supply or transition to renewables. 

Australian consumers are at the forefront of this change, and energy producers must adapt and respond to these increasing expectations from our largest to our smallest customers. 

As an established energy company, what is CS Energy doing to adapt to this change? 

As a major electricity provider, it’s critical that CS Energy maintains and invests in our existing assets so they perform at their best to power homes and businesses. But we must also leverage new technology, business models and partnerships to create a long-term future for our business.  

How does CS Energy make this transition to the “energy of the future” while still delivering what customers need for today? 

CS Energy’s approach is built on our purpose: Delivering energy today, powering your tomorrow.  

This purpose captures the dual nature of what we aim to do – run a successful energy generation business that meets the needs of Queensland businesses and communities, while at the same time evolving into a truly diversified energy business. 

What does this mean in practice?

As a key driver in this transition, we are: 

  • Strengthening our foundations with a focus on safety, people, culture, community and environment
  • Optimising our assets and focusing on high availability and reliability and being flexible as energy demand changes due to renewables
  • Maximising our returns, so continue to run a commercially competitive business, with a strong cost focus and a disciplined approach to investment decisions
  • Delivering future energy and pursuing diversification opportunities that expand our customer base, leverage technology and renewables, and respond to opportunities in distributed generation.