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Multi-national Research Project to Boost Hydrogen Potential

Hydrogen offers exciting benefits to future energy use for powering heavy transport, as well as its potential to store energy. Now, thanks to a multi-national …

Stephen Hoult - Principal Consultant Commercial & Future Energy

CS Energy Employee Profile: Stephen Hoult

Charged up for the future: Affordability and choice will accelerate the energy shift CS Energy’s Principal Consultant Commercial & Future Energy, Stephen Hoult, discusses how …


CS Energy Employee Profile: Brooks Mustey

Creating energy solutions for every business challenge As Head of Future Energy at CS Energy, Brooks Mustey understands that every business has unique energy requirements. …

Yatra Forudi

CS Energy Employee Profile – Yatra Forudi

Navigating an industry transformation with a clear strategy CS Energy’s Head of Strategy and Planning Yatra Forudi is optimistic about the future, and the role …

Hughenden Solar Farm aerial copy-1200x900

How big batteries soak up the sun

CS Energy’s Acting Executive General Manager Future Energy, Emma Roberts, discusses how evolutions in solar energy innovation is supporting lower power prices for consumers and …