CS Energy Employee Profile – Yatra Forudi

Navigating an industry transformation with a clear strategy

CS Energy’s Head of Strategy and Planning Yatra Forudi is optimistic about the future, and the role that young people keen to work in the industry will play in responding to the challenges of climate change and a decarbonised global economy.

Yatra’s role in Strategy and Planning involves understanding where energy markets are headed and determining CS Energy’s strategic response to those fast-paced changes. Yatra believes that for young people considering their career options, the sector provides enormous opportunity to drive meaningful change towards a cleaner future.

“Utilities in the 2020s and beyond will be a fast-paced sector, as the energy sector decarbonises, led by customer requirements and digital advancement. A career in utilities provides the unique opportunity to experience this transformation first-hand and play a part in it, regardless of whether your role is technical, field or office-based ,” Yatra said.

Industry Transformation

Yatra admits people are often surprised when they hear about the innovation that companies like CS Energy are driving , and how advanced the sector is on its decarbonisation journey.

“Utilities, including companies like CS Energy, are innovating every day to provide essential services in a rapidly changing energy landscape. While I was familiar with this change, what surprised me was the fast pace at which utilities are continually adapting their day-to-day energy dispatch, maintenance and financial decisions in the face of a changing energy grid.”

“For those considering a career in the utilities sector, I would encourage them to think about where the sector is right now and importantly, where it is going to be in the next few years and beyond, and to become familiar with the many different pathways that can give you the flexibility to progress with the industry’s transition.”

Yatra is optimistic about the role CS Energy is playing in supporting the Queensland Government to transition towards a low carbon future.

“CS Energy has helped facilitate renewable energy development in Queensland through offtake agreements and we work to continuously improve our environmental management practices. We’re also an active member of our local communities, providing sponsorship to not-for-profits and support measures during COVID-19. ”

“CS Energy is committed to the Queensland Government’s energy transformation objectives, and I am excited to be part of this journey towards a more sustainable Queensland”.