CS Energy Employee Profile: Brooks Mustey

Creating energy solutions for every business challenge


As Head of Future Energy at CS Energy, Brooks Mustey understands that every business has unique energy requirements.

“More and more large energy users are wanting to decarbonise their operations,” Brooks said. “But they are often trying to achieve this against a backdrop of challenges specific to their business.”

Brooks Mustey profile picture
Head of Future Energy Brooks Mustey at Kennedy Energy Park in Far North Queensland. CS Energy has an offtake agreement for 100 per cent of the output of the 60 MW hybrid renewable project.

With a background in procurement and experience across multiple industry sectors, Brooks thrives on problem-solving in a commercial environment.

“My focus is always to seek to understand first, and then develop a solution. Ultimately, we want to empower businesses to better manage their energy needs.”

Brooks joined CS Energy in 2019 after working in the resources, raw materials and energy sectors.



“CS Energy is a company in the midst of a transformation and this really appealed to me. Leveraging our existing operations and workforce while at the same time creating pathways to new products, assets, partnerships and technology to become a future-focused diversified energy business is really inspiring.”

In the last two years CS Energy has significantly grown its share of the large commercial and industrial retail market, and has invested in renewable energy offtakes, electric vehicle charging and renewable hydrogen.

“The pace of change in the past decade has been extraordinary, and it is really being driven by the community and by energy customers demanding energy that is not only reliable and affordable, but sustainable,” Brooks said.

“Our Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Project is a great example of this, where we are investing and partnering for the long-term in renewable energy sources to power our economy into the next century and beyond. We’re also exploring the potential of utility-scale batteries.

“It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this shift and to be part of a team that is genuinely focused on pursuing creative solutions.”

Brooks said a key priority as CS Energy transforms is upskilling its employees and building partnerships with specialist businesses and local communities. One example of this is the hydrogen skills mapping partnership with Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise.

“There is a great appetite for change, and CS Energy is taking a leading role as a Queensland Government owned business.”

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