Making our customers a priority

Earlier this month we published our annual Energy Charter Disclosure report, which outlines the work we’ve been doing to ensure we are as consumer-centric as possible, in line with the Australian Energy Charter.

This business-led charter, which counts 19 Australian energy companies as members, guides our progress toward becoming a more community and consumer-focused business, and this year’s report outlines steps we’ve taken to better understand our customers’ needs. We are proud to have either delivered on, or made progress against all areas of improvement we identified in our 2019 report.

We measured this by conducting our first independent customer survey and we’re already taking steps to give our customers the innovative energy solutions they’re asking for, such as electric vehicle charging stations and improved billing and information systems.

We are proud to have doubled the number of commercial and industrial retail customers we serve across Queensland while recording our safest year on record. We are committed to continuing to safely and efficiently provide best-in-class innovation and services as we become a diversified energy company.

This is a long-term commitment for CS Energy and is being driven from our senior levels of management. We look forward to growing even closer to our customers and stakeholders in the coming years.

You can download our 2020 Energy Charter Disclosure Report. (PDF 1.5MB)