CS Energy Employee Profile: Stephen Hoult

Charged up for the future: Affordability and choice will accelerate the energy shift

CS Energy’s Principal Consultant Commercial & Future Energy, Stephen Hoult, discusses how renewable energy solutions are supporting lower power prices for consumers and creating increased choice into the future.

The speed with which the world is transitioning to cleaner energy has surprised even industry experts like Stephen Hoult.

New technologies, such as electric vehicles, are growing in popularity, and as affordability and choice improves, individual consumers and corporates are shifting gear to an electric future, Stephen says.

“More and more organisations are dipping their toes in the water to become familiar with electric vehicle (EV) technology.

“Government fleet customers, in particular, have been early adopters when it comes to adding  EVs to their fleets, facilitating investment in both vehicles and infrastructure throughout their portfolios including at TAFEs and hospitals.

“As EVs become more affordable and the range of vehicles increases, the transition will gain pace both at the consumer and corporate levels.”

Stephen with CS Energy’s EV Hyundai Kona.
Stephen with CS Energy’s EV Hyundai Kona.

CS Energy offers EV charging infrastructure for large commercial and industrial customers in Queensland. The move into EV charging is part of CS Energy’s strategy to become a diversified energy company, with renewable energy offtakes and a green hydrogen demonstration project part of its shift to customer-focused energy solutions.

Stephen has been part of the CS Energy team for more than 10 years, working in energy trading, policy, and regulatory leadership roles before joining the Future Energy team.

“I have always had a strong interest in everything to do with the electricity industry and power generation, and CS Energy is the perfect place to work because it has generation assets, projects, and a stimulating work environment.”

Stephen sees the role of Future Energy as key to Queensland transitioning to a more sustainable future, while still providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy for today’s consumers.

“Customers are increasingly wanting renewable energy sources included in the electricity supply products we offer. Modern energy providers must be innovative and nimble to design and tailor products that suit these customer requirements.

“It’s exciting that the company is investing in these progressive, future-looking projects and I am proud to be a part of it.”

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