What is the TSBE hydrogen portal?

An online portal has been established for Toowoomba and Western Downs businesses so they can register for opportunities in the emerging green hydrogen supply chain.   

The aim of the portal is to get this supply chain “right” and ensure a seamless and integrated experience for people and businesses wanting to be involved in the hydrogen industry.  

Procurement officers, for example, can use the portal for services and supplies for everything from metal fabrication and heavy transport to plumbing and electrical trades, fencing and PPE. 

For local businesses, they can use it to position themselves to take advantage of upcoming projects and opportunities. 

It will also help companies such as CS Energy to uncover and best utilise local business expertise to support the construction and development of hydrogen projects.  

What benefits are there for the local community? 

The portal is a collaboration between CS Energy and the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) and demonstrates their commitment to link local businesses with opportunities in the hydrogen industry. 

It’s estimated billions of dollars will be invested into the green hydrogen industry across the region. This portal will help ensure local businesses understand the opportunities around hydrogen and develop their capabilities to service this growing market. 

What are the benefits to CS Energy? 

The portal’s mapping process will provide local business ‘intel’ which will be invaluable as CS Energy progresses the Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant, which is the next chapter of its energy hub story in the Surat Basin. 

How do businesses get involved?

Register your business capability here: https://www.tsbesuppliersportal.com.au/render-page/page-hydrogen-capability-mapping   

Read more here: https://www.csenergy.com.au/news/new-hydrogen-portal-ready-to-capture-business-expertise