What is renewable hydrogen energy?


CS Energy has partnered with IHI Corporation Japan to assess the feasibility of establishing a renewable hydrogen demonstration plant next to CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station.

Queensland has been recognised as an ideal location for renewable hydrogen projects.

Hydrogen is the most common chemical in the world. It can be produced in liquid or gas form and can be used as:

  1. fuel for heating or transport
  2. a raw material in industrial processes
  3. a way to store electricity

When it’s produced using renewable energy or processes, hydrogen can become a method of storing renewable energy and using it later as needed. When produced this way it’s also classified as an emissions-free fuel.

In Australia, like the rest of the world, hydrogen is commonly used as a raw material for industrial processes.

Hydrogen has an important role to play in the future of Australia’s energy production and CS Energy is committed to this project to ensure that we have the experience and technical capability is established once the hydrogen market becomes more viable.

Learn more about CS Energy’s Partnership with IHI Corporation Japan, here: https://www.csenergy.com.au/news/queensland-collaborates-with-japan-on-green-hydrogen-plant