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Moura Solar Farm to power over 40,000 Australian homes with renewable energy

MYTILINEOS Energy & Metals  recently celebrated completion of the 110MW Moura Solar Farm in Queensland Australia with an inauguration ceremony attended by representatives from CS Energy, Banana Shire Council and MYTILINEOS  

Moura Solar Farm has a long-term green PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) in place with CS Energy and is the first of MYTILINEOS’ Queensland projects to commence operation, with a further two projects either in or about to commence construction across the state.  

Moura Solar Farm will generate enough electricity to power approximately 44,000 Australian homes. 

Moura Solar Farm
                                                   Moura Solar Farm

CS Energy has an offtake agreement for 70 per cent of the output of the solar farm, which we are onselling to our Queensland Government Procurement retail customers. 

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick De Brenni said about the project, “It’s terrific to see the Moura Solar Farm generating another 82 MW (ac) of cheap, clean energy. More megawatts equals further downward pressure on power prices and greater reliability for Queenslanders, so it’s fantastic to see this project adding to our state’s SuperGrid.” 

Banana Shire Mayor Nev Ferrier said the inauguration ceremony was “…more than the opening of a solar farm” and was instead “…the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Banana Shire. 

“The Moura Solar Farm showcases our commitment to large-scale renewable energy generation and positions us as pioneers in sustainable development.” 

Renewable energy from the Moura Solar Farm is helping to power large Queensland Government sites such as hospitals, police stations and emergency services. CS Energy is proud to support the decarbonisation of our customers through our ability to offer renewable energy firmed with generation from our thermal generation assets. 

To learn more about CS Energy’s portfolio of renewable energy offtakes click here 

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Harnessing hybrid renewable energy to power schools, hospitals and emergency services across Queensland

The Kennedy Energy Park is Australia’s first hybrid renewable energy project, leveraging the complementary nature of Queensland’s solar and wind resources to deliver renewable energy around the clock. 

Located near Hughenden in North West Queensland, the project is currently in its final testing and commissioning phase and is expected to commence commercial operations this year. 

CS Energy has an offtake agreement with the joint owners Windlab and Eurus Energy for 100 per cent of the output of Kennedy Energy Park. This will be used to support our large commercial and industrial customers in adding renewable energy to their loads, including Queensland schools, hospitals and emergency services.

The park is the first in the National Electricity Market to combine wind, solar and battery technologies and continues to position Queensland as a leader in renewable energy.
Kennedy Energy Park

What is hybrid renewable energy? 

As the name suggests, a hybrid renewable energy system combines two or more renewable energy sources to generate electricity. This helps to maximise the efficiency of the system and provide a reliable source of power as the two sources complement each other in generating energy. 

How does the Kennedy Energy Park work? 

The Kennedy Energy Park hybrid renewable facility comprises 43 megawatts of wind, 15 MW of solar and 2 MW/4MWh battery.  

The location for Kennedy Energy Park was selected by Windlab as the region has the one of the highest levels of solar irradiance that can be connected into an electricity network and possesses a world class wind resource. 

This innovative approach of combining world class wind and solar resources, which peak in their generation at different times of the day, with battery storage will allow the Kennedy Energy Park to supply energy to the grid even when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow. 

Who is behind the Kennedy Energy Park? 

Kennedy Energy Park is a 50-50 joint venture between Windlab and Japan-based energy company Eurus Energy. 

What are the benefits to Queensland? 

As the Kennedy Energy Park comes online, its renewable energy will help decarbonise large Queensland Government sites such as schools, hospitals and emergency services. 

It will also further encourage large industrial and commercial customers to transition their energy portfolio to future energy sources and boost the confidence of all end-users in the path to a truly decarbonised economy. 

With the enormous renewable energy potential of Hughenden and the Flinders Shire, the region represents a strategically critical part of Queensland’s exciting renewable energy future. 

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CS Energy Employee Profile: James Larche

James Larche on a career in the evolving energy industry

Since joining the business in 2015, Project Manager James Larche has experienced first-hand CS Energy’s transformation to a diversified energy business.

James is currently seconded to the Future Energy team and works on the renewable hydrogen and battery projects the business is developing at its Kogan Energy Hub on the Western Downs.

“This is a natural progression from my earlier experience managing sustaining capital projects at Kogan Creek Power Station, and in prior roles in the oil and gas industry”, James says.

James remembers the replacement of the horizontal reheater and boiler nose during the overhaul at the Kogan Creek Power Station in 2019 as a standout project during his time at CS Energy.

“My favourite part of any project is taking it from concept through to operation. While the project wasn’t without its challenges, we achieved this by working with stakeholders and sharing this sense of achievement once we’d successfully delivered.”

When talking about the experiences and opportunities a career in the energy industry can offer, James describes his time working with the Chinchilla BEST (Bringing Employees and Students Together) program. This initiative is supported by the Western Downs Regional Council, Chinchilla Chamber of Commerce, local industry and schools. It teaches students essential soft skills, such as the importance of presentation and preparedness, problem-solving and communication, that will help them transition from school and university into the workforce.

“We conducted some great activities such as mock job interviews, careers fairs and site tours so the students could get a taste of what’s to come when they join an energy business. The students often had a pre-conceived idea of what a career in energy looked like. It was only after speaking with them and showing them what’s on offer and what’s possible, that they could start picturing a role not only at CS Energy but also in the wider energy industry.”

James says that for those looking for a change or to work in energy for the first time is to “do your research” so you can understand the varied opportunities on offer. And finally, to broaden your networks within the energy sector to learn about different people’s experience, skills and insights.

Learn more about opportunities and careers at CS Energy: