CS Energy employee profile – Selena Waterford

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the Australian energy business, according to CS Energy Retail Account Manager, Selena Waterford.

In 2021 Selena joined CS Energy’s Retail Team, which provides tailored energy solutions for large organisations. She says customers are more aware than ever of the need for competitive, efficient and sustainable sources of power, and this is driving innovation and creativity in the energy industry.

“Business retail customers are becoming increasingly savvier and know what they want in a retail agreement,” Selena says.

“Gone are the days when price alone reigned supreme. Customers want a retailer who can align energy procurement alongside their corporate strategy goals of ‘Net Zero Emissions’ or 100% renewables. They also want a retailer who can provide exceptional customer service and takes the time to understand their business and needs.” 

Selena believes there is a huge opportunity for Australia to be a leader in the global transition to “energy of the future”, recognising it is a journey from traditional sources to more tailored sustainable and innovative solutions.

“It is interesting that customers are leading this transition, driven by their own shareholder and stakeholder expectations. I really enjoy talking to customers about their energy needs, and how they can incorporate renewable energy in ways that balance cost and reliability with a focus on sustainability.”

Selena is excited about the future, and the opportunity to be part of a global shift towards renewable energy.

“The energy industry is continually evolving and that is what makes it exciting for me. While no one knows for sure what the energy landscape will look like in a decade’s time, it will surely involve a greater mix of renewables as Australia transitions to using more renewable energy.

“Being a part of this shift and helping retail customers achieve their sustainability goals by thinking outside the box is both challenging and rewarding.”